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Alumni Questionnaire

We would love to know where your lives have taken you. If you are not currently in contact with Steve, please consider sending an email to [email protected] with the following information:


1. The year(s) you were in A.R.T.

2. What is the most important thing you got out of the class?

3. How have you worked in the field?

4. Could an A.R.T. student get ahold of you to ask questions? If so, what is the best way to do this?


 Alodie Feldhausen

I graduated from high school in 1995.

The best thing I got out of A.R.T. was a great investment in myself. I was ignored and bored in high school. Going to the Career Center made me think about my coming vocation. It also gave me confidence to write and perform. We did The Crucible and I have had a lifelong passion for historical fiction, it also opened my eyes to the injustice of that time period.


I don't work in the "field" I am preparing a class of 2 year olds for singing jingle bells in front of their parents tomorrow, I guess that counts, right? I did end up getting a degree in "Media Arts and Studio Art" from the University of Arizona. I worked for a TV station and produced some shows (Cable Access TV station, but still a paying job!) I also worked for a Classical Radio station and was a sound producer for a Native American News show, for about five years for the University of Arizona. Now I am a preschool teacher and a mom (many years later). In between I worked many interesting jobs. I am also a trained Doula, that's someone who helps women through giving birth.

You can e-mail me at [email protected] or just send me a message on Facebook.


Dave Kloepfer

There were many important and meaningful things I got out of class, but if I had to pick one, I suppose the desire to go to college would be worth noting. I'm happy to expand on that if need be.


I have since worked in the field as a professional audio engineer mixing for live concerts.


Students can send questions to [email protected] - (leaving the "r" out of my last name is intentional.)

Jenna Close

Aside from many necessary acting skills, ART taught me cooperation, patience, and collaboration. I learned how to take responsibility for my actions and push myself to do the best work possible.

I graduated from Emerson College with a BA in Theatre, after which I moved to NYC to work in the industry, most notably off-Broadway at LaMama, Etc. That led to a tour of Bulgaria and other eastern European countries as an actor with The International Chekhov Project. Upon my return to the States I spent a year in the Apprentice Acting Company at Actor's Theatre of Louisville, performing in their regular season as well as in the Humana Festival of New American Plays. At the culmination of the year I joined two other actors in forming Theatre of a Thousand Juliets, a theatre company dedicated to producing original works. Our first full-length play was performed in Vermont, North Carolina and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. We also participated in a 3 month residency at A.R.T, during which time we directed the fall children's show. In 2005 I retired from the business and am now a commercial photographer in San Diego.

Sure, an A.R.T. student is welcome to contact me anytime. Best contact: [email protected]


Tobey Schine

There is not a single week that goes by I don't think about ART or use something that I learned those years. That is the truth.

I'm happy to answer questions:


1. What year(s) were you in A.R.T.? 1996-1997

2. What is the most important thing you got out of the class?

I started to see theatre as a business.

3. How have you worked in the field? (Don't feel you have to include everything. As an actor, director, and producer. As an actor for commercial, theatre, small film. As a director for plays and musicals for North Shore Music Theatre and Boston Children's Theatre. Now as Executive Producer at Boston Children's Theatre.

4. Could an A.R.T. student get a hold of you to ask questions. If so, what is the best way to do this? Yes. Of course. I'm at [email protected] or 617-424-6634 x224


You are flying peter pan! Wonderful. I would love to but that weekend is difficult I'm in Europe doing some workshop sometime in April, I don't know yet if I'm leaving on the 8th or 9th but if I'm stateside on the 8th would love to.


Much Love to you - Toby

MacArthur Stine

A) 96-97. senior year. performance


2. What is the most important thing you got out of the class?

A) Creative problem solving. Learning how to work as a team.


3. How have you worked in the field? (Don't feel you have to include everything.

A) Sassafrass Productions (my very own sketch comedy group. Tony n Tina's Wedding (performer). Stand up Comedian (Chicago, Zanies). Tireswing childrens Theater (acting and set design/construction). Steppenwolf Scene Shop. Feld Entertainment (Head props. Assistant Pyro, Assistant Stage Manager.

4. Could an A.R.T. student get a hold of you to ask questions. If so, what is the best way to do this?

Of Course. [email protected] or facebook


On another thought. We are preparing to fly Peter Pan this April 7-10th.

1. Would you like to be involved with any aspect of the production (acting, lights, design, rigging etc.)

2. 2. On that Friday, April 8, we would like to have a seminar of alumni on stage. We would send you talking points, but basically we would like you to come and share what you’re working on with your home town community.

I would love to be there but if the tour goes according to plan i will be on the road till the end of april. Good Luck!


Sarah Reynolds


1. What year(s) were you in A.R.T.?


'96 - '97


2. What is the most important thing you got out of the class?


A.R.T. was a very formative experience for me in many ways, specifically in terms of helping me build confidence and also coping skills for dealing with shyness/social anxiety. It also validated my creative and intellectual pursuits and providing me with a vital sense of belonging and community. It was a vulnerable time for me, as for many at that age, and so I can honestly say that it was among the most important influences on me up to that point. It was a major stepping stone in my life's path, one which helped me immensely in what was to be a major shift from rural farm-girl roots to college and beyond.


3. How have you worked in the field? (Don't feel you have to include everything.


Although I intended to continue doing theatre in college, I never did! It is something I would like to reconnect with at some point. After high school, I completed a B.A. degree at Bennington College with a focus in Music & Visual Arts. I moved to New York City directly after college and worked for a documentary film distributor called Women Make Movies for 7 years. I started out as a shipper and moved up to sales and marketing. I lost this job in the economic downturn, and have been surviving since as a freelancer doing such varied work as a roadie/promoter for an electronic musician, sales & marketing for Spanish film distribution company (which brought me to Barcelona for a month!), to a Photography Archive/Personal Assistant for a photojournalist.

In my free time I DO perform, but as a musician in a band. In the last year we have played over a dozen gigs at various venues in the city and have had a lot of fun doing it. All our shows are almost completely improvised, experimental, and have an audience-participation component. I play electric melodica, turntable, shortwave radio and sometimes keyboard.


4. Could an A.R.T. student get a hold of you to ask questions. If so, what is the best way to do this?


Certainly. Yes. The best way to get in touch is via email. My email address is: [email protected]


Regarding the production of Peter Pan this April 7-10th:


1. Would you like to be involved with any aspect of the production (acting, lights, design, rigging etc.)


In theory I would LOVE to help, but it is probably not realistic considering I could probably only come for that weekend at most and you would no doubt need more of a time commitment. If I still lived in VT it would be a no-brainer!


2. On that Friday, April 8, we would like to have a seminar of alumni on stage. We would send you talking points, but basically we would like you to come and share what you’re working on with your home town community.


I will definitely consider coming for an extended weekend to help out in any way I can and participate in the alumni seminar. I would be especially excited if it turned out to be a sort of reunion of sorts and I got to see others from my year. I might perhaps be interested in helping put that together even. The only problem for me is timing. I've just had an amazing invitation/opportunity to go to Brazil for 3 weeks in March, to shoot Super 8 for a film my Brazilian pals are making for which they got a grant and can pay my way. This is obviously an AMAZING once-in-lifetime-opportunity which I am incredibly excited about! So in April I will be just returning from this, and although there is no conflict technically, it might put a damper on what I am able to do in the lead up to that weekend. Realistically, the most I may be able to do is show up--although I would like to do more--I will be very busy working on this film, and it will also be difficult for me to take more time off work so soon after.


Nate Davis

Responsibility, integrity, and a good base of knowledge, applicable to many fields, not just tech theatre


Traveled Asia and parts of Africa working for field doing animatronics, as well as props and sound. after leaving the road, i still enjoy being an overhire for the local 919 doing lighting for Ke$HA AND BLUESTRAVELER. now working as the head chef at "The Pine Tree Pub" in Warren VT.


If anyone has any questions I would love to help if I'm able and available


Jesse Stevens

-There were many important skills and lessons I learned in my years at ART. In my time there, we built an entire theater, a lighting and sound booth, a boat, wrote plays, put on productions. If I had to pick the most important thing that I got out of the experience, it would have to be the path it put me on. I discovered an interest that I didn't know that I had, and found an outlet for my energies.

-I attended college for Sound Design and Engineering after ART, which led me to NYC, where I dove into being a freelance Sound Designer and Engineer. I have worked all over in several audio disciplines, and can currently be found primarily mixing Broadway Musicals.

-I am most happy to answer any questions submitted at [email protected]


Joseph Schine

I most value the commitment that Candace and Steve showed to us as an ensemble, and also the tightness of the group that formed.

I carried on my interest in acting into college and then also into other performing arts (dance, music). I have not carved out a career, but the interest carries on.

Contact info: [email protected]


Rebekka Sisson


Rebekka was an exchange student from Switzerald.


wish you a wonderful 2011!! May all your dreams come true! Here my answers finally - hope you can still make use of them!


1. What year(s) were you in A.R.T.?



2. What is the most important thing you got out of the class?

The joy over being able to act out my own creativity

and the courage to keep being creative


3. How have you worked in the field? (Don't feel you have to include everything.

I have never worked as an actor on stage. But I still sometimes take courses in acting or dancing. (f.e. I did an Improv workshop two years ago).

I use acting methodes like playing a character in role games in my therapy work with kids. Psychomotor -Therapy uses methodes similar to those of Psychodrama which uses theater in a therapeutical way.


4. Could an A.R.T. student get a hold of you to ask questions. If so, what is the best way to do this?

Yes, per mail: [email protected]


Emma Richards


1. I was in A.R.T. for the 2007-2008 school year, which was my senior year at MUHS.


2. I learned how to properly make an SM book and call cues. It was good to have formal training of a sort. Before, I'd been relying upon my general organizational skills and otherwise just winging it. This gave me a basis upon which to build and experience that I could apply to any job in the field.


3. In roughly chronological order: I worked for a local theater company during high school (Theatre Ltd, the Night Fires people), doing 1 year as ASM (winter 2005) and 2 years as SM (winters 2006/2007), as well as consulting/helping when I was home during college. I work as a counselor and SM at a theater camp (Acting Manitou) in Maine every summer. This coming summer (2011) will be my third year working there. I ran and helped design the sound for a friend's thesis production in the fall of 2008. I interned in the publicity department of the Pig Iron Theater Company over my winter break in January 2009. I stage managed a production for the Bryn Mawr College theater department in the fall semester of 2010. Finally, here in Berlin, I'm volunteering at an English-language theater, doing ushering and the like.


4. Sure thing! Best is probably my email ([email protected]) or maybe Facebook.


As for Peter Pan and the seminar, I would LOVE to come, but I am unfortunately in Berlin. If you wanted to specifically have someone who did stage managing with you, I'd be down to skype in, but that seems complicated.


Abbey Plankey


1) I was in A.R.T. from the fall of 2006 to the spring of 2008.

2) The most important thing that I got out of A.R.T. is was learning to trust the people i work with and allowing them to trust me as well. I learned that I can actually do whatever i wanted because the people who i was with believed in me enough.

3) Although i went to A.R.T. as an actor, i focused more in the technical aspect while being at Plymouth State University. I work as a carpenter building 2-3 shows a semester and also helping with stage managing, props master, painting and costumes.

4) i would love to have any current A.R.T. students ask me about anything. They can call me at 802-377-5060 or email me at [email protected]


Since I am building Peter Pan this winter, i would LOVE to help in any way that you need. I can help with design ideas or building, painting, costumes, props and rigging, whatever you need.


and finally i would also love to come and talk for your seminar.


Let me know whenever you want/need me for anything. I'm more than willing to help out.


Love AbbeyPlankey


Jordan Novotny


1. I was in A.R.T. my junior and senior year of high school 2007-2009

2. The most important thing I got out of the class was taking my craft, what I love, and realizing I could make a career out of it.

3. While in A.R.T. I was in such productions as Alice and Frankenstein. My senior years the wonderful professors helped guide me through the audition process into college acting programs. I am currently a student in the actor training program at the university of utah in salt lake city. I have been cast in The Rocky Horror Show and this spring I will be a witch in Macbeth. As Salt Lake is a huge community I have also experienced auditioning and working for many theatre companies outside the University.

4. Of course students can ask questions! The best way to get a hold of me is probably (sadly) through Facebook. They can send me a message anytime.

Bethany Neil 

1. The school years of 07-08 and 08-09

2. I received so much from being in A.R.T. Not only was it a place to be trained in acting, writing and the inner workings of theater, but it was a precious family. A.R.T. provides the opportunity to be stretched and challenged as an artist and a person in a place where it was safe to be so. Anyone who's been involved in A.R.T. can tell you that it is a gift not just for the craft of theater but for life itself.

3. Since graduation I have been involved in theater in small ways. I am currently directing an adaptation of Pilgrim's Progress. I am also the leader of a group that weekly prepares skits and lessons for children in a transition home on their way to foster care. I love using the skills I learned of theater in A.R.T. wherever it can be a gift to others.

4. I would love to answer any questions at [email protected] or (717) 396-1279


I'm sorry I won't be able to come help with Peter Pan. The soonest I'll be able to visit would probably be the early part of may. I wish you all the best though. I love you and am so grateful for you Candace. Happy New Year! -Bethany

 Robynn Stanley


Hello Candace!!!! I hope all is well with A.R.T and everyone. I do believe it has been a rabbit's age.

1) I was in A.R.T my senior year and the year after I graduated.

2) The most important thing was the confidence to put myself out there and being more knowledgeable about theatre when it came time for college.

3) I work at Technical services at my school which is the tech crew for any event coming into the college. I've worked at the Middlebury Opera company as Company manager. I also just recieved an ACTF nomination for my performance in a production this fall.

4) yes! They can reach me by my school e-mail which is [email protected] or here on Facebook.

I don't have a car or way of getting up to Middlebury from here for the show. I would have to look into it more to find out if I could.

Robynn :)

What Are They Up To?

Several of our students attend colleges and universities to major in acting for film and stage. They attend well-known schools including Castleton College, The University of Vermont, Brandeis University, DePaul University, Yale, Boston University, Northeastern University and the University if Utah --to name a few.


Some of our former students are working actors. Five have also graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts.


Quincy Dun-Baker, 2000, is a New York City actor whose credits include:


"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" .... Tommy Morgan (1 episode, 2009)
... aka "Law & Order: CI" - USA (promotional abbreviation)
- Alpha Dog (2009) TV episode .... Tommy Morgan
"Nurse Jackie" .... Policeman Brother (1 episode, 2009)
- Pilot (2009) TV episode .... Policeman Brother
Wash (2009)
Teleglobal Dreamin' (2009) .... Dale Parsons
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" .... Jimmy Trent (1 episode, 2007)
... aka "Law & Order: SVU" - UK (promotional abbreviation), USA (promotional abbreviation)
... aka "Special Victims Unit" - New Zealand (English title), UK (informal short title)
- Impulsive (2007) TV episode .... Jimmy Trent
"CSI: NY" .... J.J. Huntsville (1 episode, 2007)
- What Schemes May Come (2007) TV episode .... J.J. Huntsville
"One Life to Live" .... Robber (4 episodes, 2007)
- Episode #1.9895 (2007) TV episode .... Robber
- Episode #1.9894 (2007) TV episode .... Robber
- Episode #1.9893 (2007) TV episode .... Robber
- Episode #1.9892 (2007) TV episode .... Robber
"As the World Turns" .... Police Officer (2 episodes, 2006-2007)
- Episode #1.12932 (2007) TV episode .... Police Officer
- Episode dated 26 July 2006 (2006) TV episode .... Police Officer
Seconds (2006) .... Melvin Mozart
Maniac du jour (2006)


Joe Isenburg, 2002, is a Washington DC actor who works for the Folger Shakespeare Company teaching combat workshops. He was last seen as Angus in Shakespeare's MacBeth.


Jake Lacy, 2004, attended the North Carolina School of Arts after A.R.T. . This fall ABC will air Better Together which features Jake as a twenty-something about to marry his girlfriend, much to the chagrin of her older sister who has been with her boyfriend for twelve years without being married as it is "A lifestyle choice.". Check Jake out.



Cosmos Pfeil, 1996 Attended North Carolina School of Art.



Lindsey Atwood


Others went on to other prestigious institutions.


Jenna Close, 1996. Graduated Emerson 2000. Formed theater company with two others called, "10,000 Julliets" Worked around the country teaching and performing their own work. Received high marks at the famous Fringe Festival in Scotland. Now Jenna runs a dynamic, on-the-cutting-edge photography company called p2photography with her partner, Jon. They live in San Diego and go surfing with dolphins. Check out their work

Spain- Neon sign, birds, sky

Spain- Laundry Day


Jenna in the tropical sun