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Welcome, Prospective A.R.T. Students!

"Addison Repertory Theater has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can count. The class' instructors are incredibly skilled and act as creative geniuses to build mind-blowing shows, while at the same time creating an atmosphere in the classroom that can only be described as one big family. I can confidently say I would not be going to college without the skills, passion and drive that I discovered during my time at A.R.T."

- Bowen Abbey, A.R.T. program completer

Thank you for showing interest in our program. Feel free to peruse our handbook and class descriptions. We also have photo galleries from past productions, so that you may see what learning with A.R.T. looks like. You can also check out the Hannaford Career Center website to learn more about our school. If you would care to arrange to visit A.R.T., please contact the HCC guidance office at (802) 388-1007. And to make applying easier, a link to the Hannaford Career Center Admissions Form is located to the left. Just print the form, fill it out, and either fax it to the Career Center at (802) 388-2591 or email it to Eric at [email protected]. We hope to meet you soon!

A.R.T. Details and Prerequisites:

(Grades 11-12+) Half Day 120 minutes daily, m-f. Two tracks: Technical and Performance.

Prerequisites: Completed program application. Two years of college-prep English. 10 credits on transcript upon entering the program. Please note: ART has an additional questionnaire to fill out and submit with application. You can download the form here: ART-questionnaire. Students wishing to come back for their second year need to have a grade of 85 or better in their first year of the program.

Recommended Preparation: Courses in drawing, painting, or dance.

Credits: One embedded Fine Arts, two applied English, and four elective credits upon completion of the two-year program.

Related careers: actor; playwright/screenwriter; lighting or sound technician; set designer; costumer; theater manager.

Admissions Form &

ART Questionnaire 

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